To or Not to V STEAM!

To or Not to V steam

Another controversial topic that you would have come across these days is the virginal steaming. A varied view of this treatment is actually the reason for the confusion that exists in masses. Some of the people are tempted by the benefits that this technique provides to women whereas the others want to try it because their favorite celebrity is doing it. Even some of the people are just curious to get to know about the technique and how it works, or if it really does work.  If you are one of the confused ones, give this article a read, and you’ll be able to figure what it actually is, how can it benefit you and is it safe to use or not?

What is it?

Vaginal steaming or v steaming is a technique to steam your vagina for cleaning it and relieving it of excessive discomfort that it faces under different situations.  In order to go for this technique, you need to expose your vagina to hot steam mixed with a number of herbs to provide a soothing effect. Basil, rosemary, wormwood, and mugwort are some of the herbs that you can use for this practice. The benefits of these herbs when penetrating in your vagina through the steam, your vagina is expected to create the benefits that this technique is expected to provide you.

In order to get this V steam treatment, you can visit a spa or can take it up at home. By choosing a spa over your home, you can expect comfortable treatment. However, the cleaning of equipment can be one of the doubtful aspects. Similarly, at your home, you may expect clean equipment and privacy, but then the process gets a bit technical and full of hassle. Overall, this treatment must last between 20-40 minutes. However, various other factors, including the temperature of water, your comfort level and the experience of getting this treatment are important in determining the time for this technique.

Does it work?

Okay, this is a problematic question now. Scientifically, there are no proven benefits to this technique. But there are some people who have experienced and believe that this technique has worked for them. Some of the benefits that these people have reported as a result of V steaming are a reduction in menstruation cramps, higher energy levels, lessen fatigue and better recovery after childbirth and even better fertility.

You would have been attracted to all these benefits as well, right. Yeah actually, they are tempting but how come science has not identified the positive impact that this treatment could bring in for you. Amazingly, some of the people who boasted this technique and the benefits on their blogs have deleted them. So, is there something fishy? Let us explore it in the next section.

Is it safe?

With no scientific proof available for this technique, let us use our intuitional energy for a finding of the safety of this technique. Firstly, being a girl, you would know that your vagina could take care of itself. This is why it has been able to survive everything that we do it, right? Secondly, it uses its own mechanism for handling the pH, which cleans it entirely and makes it normal. Thirdly, you are aware that it is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and the most important one too. With all these points, do you think that you should risk with any unnecessary external treatment for keeping it clean?

Going through the potential damage that your vagina can face might also help you in making your decision. Extremely hot water/ steam can dissolve the delicate tissues of your vagina. The attendants in the spa are not qualified for this procedure as there is nothing scientific involved, so you cannot expect any sort of help if something goes out of control. Thirdly, the moist and warm temperature provides the best place for fungus and algae to grow, so after this treatment, you can be prone to infections in your vagina.

With the analysis of the benefits and the costs associated with this treatment, there is no guarantee of benefits, but the chances of risk are there. What choice will you make here?

To or not to V steam?

If you are really asking for my opinion, then it is a big HELL NO.  When nature has installed a mechanism to clean your vagina in a natural way, why take any risks? Especially in a situation when there is no guarantee of results. Moreover, the risks associated with this technique are not minor; they can destroy your life completely. In such a situation, I would not recommend you to go for such a treatment in any case. If you are just considering taking it as an adventure or something new, then it is a request that you must avoid unnecessary complications in your life. And in case you are disturbed by your menstrual cramps or other such issues, then you can use the hot pad as prescribed by the doctors. It helps in reducing the feeling of pain and uneasiness. If you have this problem in the other days of the month too, then it is better to discuss your situation with a qualified doctor, so that you can get a complete diagnosis of the issues and get a complete solution rather than going for such dangerous remedies.  

Similarly, health is not a domain where you should follow others. No offense, but the stardom of the celebrities is for them only. They aren’t sharing it with you so why you are so unconscious about your health that you are even thinking of taking the risk with your body parts because a celebrity is doing it. This is clearly illogical. So, you must not go for v steaming unless there are medical pieces of evidence that an improvement in health can be seen with this technique and it is safe. Till that time, there shouldn’t be any discussion.



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