Essence Festival 2018

Essence Festival 2018

Can you say Black Girl Magic!!! OMG! The love was real! We met so many great people, ate a whole lot of great food. Our first pop up was a complete success!  We have already booked for next year!  Check out our video that captures the beginning to the end of our Essence Festival adventure.

My Fashion Truck Journey 7

My Fashion Truck Journey 7

Fast Forward 3 years!  We still in these streets Ya'll!! I apologize for not blogging. I have been getting a lot of requests in my inboxes so here it is!

We have dozens of events under our wheels and met a lot of awesome people along the way. We have even started a Fashion Truck Takeover festival with another ahh-mazing fashion truck owner in the area.  We have the Fashion Truck Takeover every October.  2018 will be our third year.  It is a great event where we get all the fashion trucks in the area together for a party.  There...

My Fashion Truck Journey 6

Let us fast forward a little bit!!! Again, life got in the way from me blogging about our adventures!  So last I blogged I was preparing for a July 18, 2015 event.  I ended up with a 4th of July event!  The truck still needed to be painted and the inside wasn't quite ready for company.  By chance I saw a truck pass me by with a sign about car painting.  Of course I wrote the number down, (well actually I took a pic!). and called as soon as I got home.  The guy came out and gave me an...

My Fashion Truck Journey 5

Well it's been a full year since my last blog post.  I had to take a mini break due to life.  Now I am back at it full force.  Our first time taking the truck out will be July 18, 2015 in Houston, Texas.  So needless to say we have a lot to do.  The hardest decision I have had to make thus far is what type of artwork I would like on the truck.  After pricing and doing research on the wraps I decided they were not for me.  The cheapest quote I received for the wrap was $6000.00!...

My Fashion Truck Journey blog 4

 I decided to do as much of the work myself to cut down on the cost.  I spray painted the inside doors with Rustoleom spray paint. Simple can from Wally world will run you about $3.50 a can.  I originally thought I wanted the doors to be pink, but I changed my mind and painted them silver to match the bumper.  So when the doors are swung open they match. My truck came with some orange cones on the front.  Sooo I painted them pink of course!